Olivier's Web page

Hello, I am Olivier from Nice in the south-est of France. I am an IT professional since the early eighties, and I am about to retire after a long career that went through many IT revolutions: programable scientific calculators, digital watches, micro-computers the PC's, HDD's, the Internet, OO programing, wifi, mobile phones, CD's, RFID, GPS, the IoT, e-business, LED screens, digital cameras, smartphones, e-gaming, IT and Business automation, the Cloud, flash memory, Web conferencing, social networks, big data, AI, NLP, visual recognition, electric cars and autonomous driving, now Generative AI, and soon Quantum Computing.

Basically, all thses things didn't exist when at 17 I started to program, and now you can hardly imagine what life looked like without them ! When I will eventually retire, I will have more time to write my memories about that long way and all those innovations, because I have lots of souvenirs to share.

I do have several hobbies: assembling my own PC's, photography, hicking, travelling for tourism (and business), reading about science (astronomy in particular), programming, and AI in general.

And, since I have 18, I have a personal challenge: programming the best Othello program I can. Here you can see a summary of my work on that game, and download my program, which name is FOREST. Now your challenge is to beat it !

FOREST program page

For now that page is underwork, but I promise to develop it...